Saturday, December 5, 2009


I woke up at 6AM (as usual) and found the fog surrounding the city. So, I guessed it will be very foggy on the outskirts. Another teacher of my school came to pick me up at 7AM, according to our planning 3days on his bike and 3days on my bike we go to Handia, this saves petrol, so on that day it was his turn.
As we reach near the Shastri Bridge, we sense what stored for us today- ZERO VISIBILITY !!
We heard that term a lot but today we got the oppurtunity to view it ! How Exciting!
We moved at a cautious speed of 30KMPH but it was soon decreased to around 20KMPH at the centre of the Bridge. We cannot able to see even a metre everything was covered.
Later as we reach to a place called Jagatpur, we saw a headlight coming towards us from at a distance of about 8-10metres when it came nearer we felt its not a bike but a jeep with only one headlight and when it crossed us we saw it was a truck.
As we reach our destination, it was about 8:15AM, the distance which took only 50minutes to cover daily today took 1hr15mins. But I enjoyed it a lot and I too hope to drive in the zero visibility next day as it will be my turn next day.
But Alas ! The next day it was very little fog and we reached within 50minutes.


Thursday, October 1, 2009


In the great epic 'Mahabharata' there is a place called Lakshagriha. I'm not going deep into the epic, but just going to tell you about the episode.

Pandavas were staying in a place (five brothers, wife Draupadi and mother Kunti)which was made of Lac in order to kill the Pandavas by the Kaurava's. When at night the plan was executed and the building was burned it burned feircly courtsy the Lac, all believed that the Pandavas were finished. But no, they escaped from there drom the backside of that place before the fire, and seven other peoples body was kept there and all thought that Pandavas were dead.

29TH Sept 2009 :- Yesterday was dussera today I was again on my bike going to Handia in my school.

As, I reached my school I saw the gate was locked ! I took my mobile and called the principal and enquired, he told that on the request of the parents of majority of students the school has been closed for today also and will reopen tomorrow.

So now what?

I came 37KM wasting my petrol? No!

I heard about a place called Lakshagriha since many years, and I knew its not too far from Handia.

I started my bike and when I reached Handia bus stand, I turned Left and started the journey.

After riding for 2KM I asked one person about lakshagriha. He told me to turn about half kilometre and I will find a crossroad and I would have to take the left side and will reach there.

When I reached the crossroad I enquired again, I was going perfect. The name of the village where the crossroad was situated is 'Basupur'.The man whom I enquired told me that I've to go about 6KM inside. I thanked him and continued.

The road was good.Jst as I entered about 300metres or so , something in between the bushes tried to cross the road and seeing me coming stopped I slowed my bike and was surprised to see a full grown yellow bodied,with black spot HYENA !!

Never in my life I saw Hyena from so close in broad daylight. About 16-17Years ago I saw it but at around 11PM.

Soon, I reached a village called 'Jagua Sodha'and enquired again-"this road will lead to Lakdhagriha Sir." said one"thenThere is the river ganga and the roar will be finished."

Then after dew minuted I found the road was broken, rather no road was there as the construction was going on for a road.I saw a few houses and asked where is lakshagriha.

"This is Lakshagriha Sir."I was astonished- The name of this village is Lakshagriha!!

I further asked him- "I heard that some Mahabharata era site are situated here like lac mahal?"

"Yes, its here only!!"He continued" many new temples are also here."

I parked my Bike infront of a temple. "Which temple is this?"

"It is the Mahamrityunjay Temple. one of the Pandava Bhima worshipped here."

I went to the temple which had a big Shivalinga few metres away I can see the Ganga.

"If you wish to take the tour of this area I'm going to call a boy."Then he called a boy aged around20-22yrs who was working on the construction site. He along with me and another boy started the journey.

First through a slope we reach close to ganga. From there I could see a tomb above a small Hill.

Then we were reaching on the top of the hill. the hill was straight and we all had to use our hands many a times to control the balence else we all might fall. When we reached the top of the hill I saw the place- The LAKSHAGRIHA !!

It has few caves, I went inside it. It was made of stone. It is this place where the Pandavas were thought to be burned. They painted the walls with the Lac I presume and then burned it. Now the Stone building is left. I saw a well which must have been used for drinking purpose. I saw the a hole in the back of the cave drom where the Pandavas were fled. I can see the Ganges from the hole.

Although we all were panting and prespiring because of the height we covered, but still was enjoying each moment of meeting with a part of thousands of year old epic - The Mahabharata.

Then I saw a few new Temples and a 'Yagna Sthal' where some saint come adter every five years to perform 'Yagna'.

And then we came down from that straight hill very cautiously but still with great speed as I feel the force of gravity. Then we came down and reach the spot where my bike was parked.

I said thanks to them and they parted saying 'namaste' to me.

Then I met with that man who introduced me to those two boys, had tea from his tea stall near the Mrityunjay Temple had some chat with him.
Then I left promising my new friend that I will again visit this place during this Diwali.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Script Of My Death

As I was crossing the street, suddenly something hit me, and I fell down on the road. For a second I didnot realised anything, then, I feel the road with my hands as I tried to move my legs, I feel something was obstructing me from stretching my legs, then I saw the divider in between the roads, as I turned my eyes on the right side I saw many shoes coming towards me and surrounded me. Then I heard a few murmers, slowly it became clearer and clearer, "Sirji, Sirji". Someone was calling, I felt a hand was running on my hair, then slowly, I tried to move, I recognised the face of the owner of that hand, it was the driver of my school jeep. I saw a few school uniforms behind him.
Then I sat on the road and started surveying everything.
I was hit by a car 'Maruti Suzuki' the other teacher who came along with me was quarrelling with the car owner, who was coming from the wrong side of the road, few others also joined him.
Then as I started to understood the situation I saw my students were looking at me with thousand questions in their eyes, but tjhe expression was different from the classroom atmosphere ones. Then I feel my right hand with the left one a severe pain runs through my body as I delt the peeled off skin of my hand, as I moved my legs I realised that it was moving easily but with some pain, I guessed that my knees must have been peeled off too, then I remembered that when I moved my legs earlier it didn't move dreely because the tyre of the car was kissing it.
Then as I stood up holding the hand of the driver I felt a sharp pain in my right leg' as I undid my shoe lace and removed my socks the mark of the MRF nylogrip was clearly visible just above my swollen ankle.
"It must have been broken". said one.
"You must take him to hospital". Said another.
"No"I said"I want to go home".
Then the driver of my school jeep decided that he will take me to Allahabad and so he along with the other sir helped me to get into the jeep. Second time in my whole life I sat on a jeep. The dirst time when I sat on ajeep was few weeks ago on my school jeep, I felt like I'm some Big government official, but today I am feeling that I am a dacoit injured and fleeing from the scene.
As I was comming I started my favorite hobby- Thinking. I thinked- What if I die, What if there is an internal injury, because all seems right from the external. People sometime dont realise about these injuries and it sometimes gives the biggest blows.
The jeep was moving and I was watching all the familiar things and I thought that when in the morning I was coming I didn't realised that this will happen to me.
Soon I reached near a school in 'Sarai Inayat'area where few school girls always wait for jeeps. I saw they were waiving to this jeep just as it crossed them and I thought perhaps this is the last time I'm seeing them waiting.
As I reached 'Andhawa' and was going from infront of giant statue of 'Hrishaba Deva' I deel that the statue was slightly tilted- may be he curiously wanted to know who was lying in the jeep.
Rapidly we reached 'Jhunsi' and I remembered someone whom I have never dorget all these years in somewhere deep in myself. may be you all watched the new Airtel Digital TV addvertisement where an actor departs from a girl during their childhood. Its like that.
She lived in Jhunsi and leaved in the year 1996, I never think about her during my daily journey in this route but today I just went to the past.
So, I reached the Shastri Bridge, Daily when I reach here I close my eyes dor dew seconds to pray to god, even when I am on my bile. But today I dared not, deep inside I feel if I close my eyes I may never open it again.
Then I reached Allahabad.

So, I didn't die. I am writing my blog once again. No fractures nothing. Just a twisted ankle.
I am here again. But really what a near death experience.
Soon I am going to write more and more of travelogues.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lost Romances

Daily bus ride, the school, teaching, I am loving it. I am loving this life. I hate living unrecognised, I hate sitting idle, and for the last three years I just do the thing which I hate most,though I gave various interviews and travelling but it was all on Saturdays and Sundays.
Now a days I woke up at 6AM catch a bus at 7AM reach the school in Handia(37Km from Allahabad) at 8:15AM and teach the student and then catch another bus at 1:30PM and reach home.
All was going like this for 15 days, then suddenly one day the UP Roadways Bus Operators went on a Strike ! I knew this before and so I decided that the next day I will go to school by my bike.
The next morning I woke up before the alarm, had my daily routine, and get ready and then took out my bike -the Suzuki, and the helmet.
At 7Am i started the bike and went on the road, it was after many days I took it out.
As I came near the crossing from where I used to catch the bus, I saw the man who wsa also a daily passenger like me standing there as usual, I had a talk with him, he told me that he will go by the private bus, I said bye to him and went on my destination.
As I reach the Shastri Bridge above the river Ganga I saw many people waiting for the Private buses, those buses were also full and it reminded me about those unreserved travels on the general bogies of the trains.
As I reach the Bridge I remembered the day when I crossed this bridge at a speed of 80KMPH on this bike a few years back when I went to a college for MBA admission queries after my BCA.
As I came down to the end of the bridge I had started entering into another travel- A travel to my old days, a travel to my lost romances !
According to Oscar Wilde "Romance is the priviledge of the rich,not the proffession of the unemployed, the poors should be practical and prosaic". I followed it 50-50, I never had any romances with the opposit ones, but for me romance was moving, romance was my ride on my bike, romance was meeting new people,romance was travelling, This life itself is a romance.
So as I moved forward I reached an area called Jhunsi, I saw that college where I once went for MBA queries, it was same as was that time, and anyone with my type of view on life will still ignore it.
Then as I moved forward, I reached the Andawa Crossing now if I turn left side I will travel through the IFFCO office in Phulpur and reach the city of Jaunpur and in between there is a new Bypass through which I can reach Handia but I decided to go through the old road, so I go straight.
For your information:- Handia is a small town in between Allahabad and Varanasi.
Then as I went through Andhawa, I saw the Hrishaba Deva Mandir a big Temple placed with the statue of one deva on the top.
Its about 11yrs ago I came here with my parents while it was still under construction. that time there was nothing there not a single Dhaba except a small tea stall with a few cold drinks and a 14inch television.but now, just opposit to it is a big Petrol pump, two dhabas and many motor repairing shops for those unfortunates whose bikes were not blessed by 'Hrishaba deva' and got punctured in the way.
After that I moved on and reached a village Sarai Inayat with no sarai(Resting place) but a school. Then i reach the famous Hanumanganj famous because it has the worst road in the whole journey in this route. As I went through this road another old incidence erupted in my mind. When I was in college once I went to gave the UPTU exam in a place called Jhalwa having exactly the same road, my friend who was sitting on the back got very angry as his pen was falling from his pocket after a fixed intervel of 15 minutes,and when it fell for the third time he said angrily "I think I will not qualify this paper the pen keeps slipping down." when the result were declared I got Rank 1999 and he got around 5000.
So as I crosed that road I moved towards Saidabad and after that nice road awaits me, and soon I reached at a speed of 70KMPH.
And after few minutes I reached Handia and then the school where I must shed my old memories, because in those days I was an avarage student and a very shy one, who did not able to speak infront of more than two people, here I have to teach the class of 50 students and so, I came back to my present condition, leaving the past memories but not before promising it that I will meet him again after the shool was over and i was on my return journey towards home on my bike.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Travelogue Of New Delhi

Jobless youth is a curse to society, and I was blessed with that curse for the last three years. so I travelled to many cities from New Delhi to Lucknow, from Kolkata to Jaunpur(must be unknown to you all), for job exams and interviews and at last I got a job as a school teacher.
The day I got my first salary, I also got a letter. A letter from the Delhi High Court for a written Exam for the post of P.A. .I quickly decided that I should go for it,- Reason 1: Government Job, Reason 2:(The main one)Travelling first time with my own hard earned money!
So, I went to the station next day and buyed ticket of the 'Mahabodhi Express', luckily I got the reservation also, but I didn't buyed return ticket as I don't know how much time it will take to reach back to station after the exam and I may miss the train, so I planned to come back on the General bogie.
That day when I get into the train I was exited as it was my first trip with my money. As expected I get the upper berth to look into my fellow passenger's activities.
There was a man aged around 30yrs along with his wife,who starated the journey with lots of crying while departing from her parents in the Allahabad junction. They were in the Lower berth. In the middle one's were captured by a man aged around 50yrs and a man aged around 40yrs. The berth opposit to me was empty and it filled at Kanpur by a boy aged around 20-22yrs with ear phone covered his peirced ears, and a cap written ' No Fear', but with a grim looking face ! I told in my mind 'No Fear, Then Cheer!'
As the train reached Kanpur, The husband and wife in the Lower berth too stopped their talking and went to sleep. Till then they kept on talking- about the trip, about the grown beared of some relative, about food, and then when suddenly the man asked her wife why she cried so much in the station she started to giggle.
The man who was in the middle berth benith me was around 40yrs, he kept on snoring loudly, the young couple joked "He must be the 'kumbhakarana's' reincarnation."
It was heard by all as he said it somewhat loudly and first time I saw Mr. No Fear was also smiling hearing this. Yes. He has removed his ear phone.
The man who was opposit to the snoring man was not sleeping just like me ! But he purchased tea in each and every station where the train stopped.
Surprisingly for the first time I fall asleep in the train.
When I woke up it was around 4AM. aAll were in deep sleep.
Then around 5AM all woke up.
The train reached New Delhi Station at 5:45AM.
I came out of the station on the Paharganj side went to the Delux Toilet and refresh myself.
Then I went outside and had a cup of tea(sorry glass of tea)and toast from a south Indian resturant.
Then I went to the exam centre JVSd Girl's Sr. Sec. School near Jhandewala Metro station.
Ther I saw the largest Hanumanji Statue of 108feet near the flyover. The exam was at 10AM.
I make friend with a boy from Bhubaneshwar and had a nice chat with him along with two from my own city and one from Gujrat.
After the exam was over I came back to station had my lunch from a hotel at Paharganj. went to the station to join the long queue for the ticket purchased it and went inside the platform.
I had purchased a simple ticket to Allahabad, so I have to sit on the General bogie,I travelled on it earlier too and know the pain of tarvelling on it, but little bit I know something more is waiting for me.
I went to join the queue created to make an entry into the general bogie,the police had created it.It was for the same train on which I came to New Delhi. Its departure time is 2:15PM.As I was waiting in the queue one of the policeman cained a man in the queue and orded to break the queue and create a new queue from about few metre far fom this one. As that new queue was being created the train entered the platform, the door of the general bogie was closed and one man entered the bogie through the emergency window and opened the door. Soon the flood started, all the people broke the line and pushed each other to enter the train. Many get struck in the door. A small child holding his mother's hand started crying, a man who was lost his shoe in this was abusing the man infront of him. The policeman were also using their Lathis with full energy. Suddenly by the help of a large and heavy push from the people I went Inside the train and was pushed towards the toilet side along with many others.
I struck in between the two toilets along with 8-10 people and with that woman whose boy was crying. I know ther is no place to move and I have to be here for the next 8Hrs.
Sometime I bent sometime I kneeldown only that much. All the other people were going to Bihar and we all soon forgot the situation and had a nice time talking with each other.
Then when the train reached Allahabad at 10:40Pm I came out with muchdifficulty as the door area was still jampacked by the people who had more to suffer as their station are atleast 8-10hours away.
But I suffered too for the 8 hours and when the next day I woke up from my bed I found pain in my knees, and immediately I thought of those people who might still be on that train and waiting to reach their destination.
IRONY: I got selected in that exam, but on the next stage they were taking the shorthand test of 100 words per minute for 5 minutes and I don't even have the speed of 30 ! So I left it and went to another exam on that day in Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Travelogue Of Kolkata

I've travelled alone always, but this time I decided that let's see how it feels to breath with other's wish ! So, I wen't to my maternal uncle's house in Kolkata and I decided that I for the next eight days, will dedicate my life according to their wish.
I know it will be hard for me to obey their commands as I'm a sort of dictator in nature and also the fan of Hitler, but still I think it as an exiting task and proceeded towards the excercise.
As I sat on the train in Allahabad and was watching my parents' standing on the platform, suddenly the weather changed and the rain started along with heavy wind which disturbed the right schedule of the 'Kolkata Mail', which resulted in a three hour extended journey towards Kolkata.
Many interesting things happends during the journey in the train which I think I should share with you before the main Kolkata episode.

In my surrounding, their was an old woman, travelling along with a girl aged around 20-22yrs. Two boys who were going for some exam, an old man, a middle aged man. I was in the upper berth,the old woman and the girl were sharing the same berth as the girl's reservation was nit confirmed, they were on the lower berth on my side, the old man was opposite to them, the two boys were on the middle berth and the middle aged man was opposite to me.
The old man was probably the most unsofisticated human being I've ever seen, he seems to hate each and everyone in that part of the train,he looked at the talking of the two boys and make various types of faces, when he looked towards that middle aged man he ordered the middlw aged man to move as he wan't to sleep,then he lied down.
Soon, all were felt asleep but not me, I was wide awake.
PART 3 (The Next Morning)
Two boys were going for physical test for some army or police recruitment and were baffled because they were given the address in between two stations, so they don't know where to get down, but then slowly as the train reached 'Dehri-on Son' they leave the train.
The old man also leave on 'Parasnath', not before painting the door of the train with spitting tobacco and beetel leaf.
Then, the middle aged man, the woman and the girl and myself started talking to each other. That man was also going to Kolkata, and those two were going to 'Burdawan'.
I was noticing a boy from another compartment was moving infront of us many times with mobile phone in his hand, then in one station he came on the platform and sat on a bench infront of our window.
Then as the train moves on he came inside and walk away infront of us,suddenly the girl who was travelling with that old woman, jumped off from her seat and move towards the door, then we hear a quarrel and then the girl came back very angrily!
"What happend?" I asked.
"That boy, was talking my pictures on his mobile camera, I was noticing him, and now I caught him, and I tried to snatch his phone,he said sorry and left." She said.
Then the 'Burdawan' station came, and they came out of the train I helped her with her giant luggage, no one had come to recieve them,they were standing on the station awaiting for some 'Coolie' as the train started moving, so I said bye to them and went inside the train, leaving the old woman and the brave girl in the platform.
Then as the train moves towards Kolkata I and that middle aged man started talking, and I was surprised to know that he was not an middle aged man as I thought, he was going to retire from his job in next few months and so he was aged around 60!
Then he brought me a tea, we were sipping it, when suddenly the train gain speed, and his tea falls on his pants.
"I don't care if the tea fells,but the good thing is that, the train is moving at last."He said shyly.
Atlast the train entered the 'Howrah Station', and I came out, finding it was the end of the platform where my boggie stopped, then I saw my uncle was coming I called him, and together we wen't towards the car parking.