Monday, June 29, 2009

Travelogue Of New Delhi

Jobless youth is a curse to society, and I was blessed with that curse for the last three years. so I travelled to many cities from New Delhi to Lucknow, from Kolkata to Jaunpur(must be unknown to you all), for job exams and interviews and at last I got a job as a school teacher.
The day I got my first salary, I also got a letter. A letter from the Delhi High Court for a written Exam for the post of P.A. .I quickly decided that I should go for it,- Reason 1: Government Job, Reason 2:(The main one)Travelling first time with my own hard earned money!
So, I went to the station next day and buyed ticket of the 'Mahabodhi Express', luckily I got the reservation also, but I didn't buyed return ticket as I don't know how much time it will take to reach back to station after the exam and I may miss the train, so I planned to come back on the General bogie.
That day when I get into the train I was exited as it was my first trip with my money. As expected I get the upper berth to look into my fellow passenger's activities.
There was a man aged around 30yrs along with his wife,who starated the journey with lots of crying while departing from her parents in the Allahabad junction. They were in the Lower berth. In the middle one's were captured by a man aged around 50yrs and a man aged around 40yrs. The berth opposit to me was empty and it filled at Kanpur by a boy aged around 20-22yrs with ear phone covered his peirced ears, and a cap written ' No Fear', but with a grim looking face ! I told in my mind 'No Fear, Then Cheer!'
As the train reached Kanpur, The husband and wife in the Lower berth too stopped their talking and went to sleep. Till then they kept on talking- about the trip, about the grown beared of some relative, about food, and then when suddenly the man asked her wife why she cried so much in the station she started to giggle.
The man who was in the middle berth benith me was around 40yrs, he kept on snoring loudly, the young couple joked "He must be the 'kumbhakarana's' reincarnation."
It was heard by all as he said it somewhat loudly and first time I saw Mr. No Fear was also smiling hearing this. Yes. He has removed his ear phone.
The man who was opposit to the snoring man was not sleeping just like me ! But he purchased tea in each and every station where the train stopped.
Surprisingly for the first time I fall asleep in the train.
When I woke up it was around 4AM. aAll were in deep sleep.
Then around 5AM all woke up.
The train reached New Delhi Station at 5:45AM.
I came out of the station on the Paharganj side went to the Delux Toilet and refresh myself.
Then I went outside and had a cup of tea(sorry glass of tea)and toast from a south Indian resturant.
Then I went to the exam centre JVSd Girl's Sr. Sec. School near Jhandewala Metro station.
Ther I saw the largest Hanumanji Statue of 108feet near the flyover. The exam was at 10AM.
I make friend with a boy from Bhubaneshwar and had a nice chat with him along with two from my own city and one from Gujrat.
After the exam was over I came back to station had my lunch from a hotel at Paharganj. went to the station to join the long queue for the ticket purchased it and went inside the platform.
I had purchased a simple ticket to Allahabad, so I have to sit on the General bogie,I travelled on it earlier too and know the pain of tarvelling on it, but little bit I know something more is waiting for me.
I went to join the queue created to make an entry into the general bogie,the police had created it.It was for the same train on which I came to New Delhi. Its departure time is 2:15PM.As I was waiting in the queue one of the policeman cained a man in the queue and orded to break the queue and create a new queue from about few metre far fom this one. As that new queue was being created the train entered the platform, the door of the general bogie was closed and one man entered the bogie through the emergency window and opened the door. Soon the flood started, all the people broke the line and pushed each other to enter the train. Many get struck in the door. A small child holding his mother's hand started crying, a man who was lost his shoe in this was abusing the man infront of him. The policeman were also using their Lathis with full energy. Suddenly by the help of a large and heavy push from the people I went Inside the train and was pushed towards the toilet side along with many others.
I struck in between the two toilets along with 8-10 people and with that woman whose boy was crying. I know ther is no place to move and I have to be here for the next 8Hrs.
Sometime I bent sometime I kneeldown only that much. All the other people were going to Bihar and we all soon forgot the situation and had a nice time talking with each other.
Then when the train reached Allahabad at 10:40Pm I came out with muchdifficulty as the door area was still jampacked by the people who had more to suffer as their station are atleast 8-10hours away.
But I suffered too for the 8 hours and when the next day I woke up from my bed I found pain in my knees, and immediately I thought of those people who might still be on that train and waiting to reach their destination.
IRONY: I got selected in that exam, but on the next stage they were taking the shorthand test of 100 words per minute for 5 minutes and I don't even have the speed of 30 ! So I left it and went to another exam on that day in Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

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  1. Wow!! I must say you are master at writing these stories!!

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