Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lost Romances

Daily bus ride, the school, teaching, I am loving it. I am loving this life. I hate living unrecognised, I hate sitting idle, and for the last three years I just do the thing which I hate most,though I gave various interviews and travelling but it was all on Saturdays and Sundays.
Now a days I woke up at 6AM catch a bus at 7AM reach the school in Handia(37Km from Allahabad) at 8:15AM and teach the student and then catch another bus at 1:30PM and reach home.
All was going like this for 15 days, then suddenly one day the UP Roadways Bus Operators went on a Strike ! I knew this before and so I decided that the next day I will go to school by my bike.
The next morning I woke up before the alarm, had my daily routine, and get ready and then took out my bike -the Suzuki, and the helmet.
At 7Am i started the bike and went on the road, it was after many days I took it out.
As I came near the crossing from where I used to catch the bus, I saw the man who wsa also a daily passenger like me standing there as usual, I had a talk with him, he told me that he will go by the private bus, I said bye to him and went on my destination.
As I reach the Shastri Bridge above the river Ganga I saw many people waiting for the Private buses, those buses were also full and it reminded me about those unreserved travels on the general bogies of the trains.
As I reach the Bridge I remembered the day when I crossed this bridge at a speed of 80KMPH on this bike a few years back when I went to a college for MBA admission queries after my BCA.
As I came down to the end of the bridge I had started entering into another travel- A travel to my old days, a travel to my lost romances !
According to Oscar Wilde "Romance is the priviledge of the rich,not the proffession of the unemployed, the poors should be practical and prosaic". I followed it 50-50, I never had any romances with the opposit ones, but for me romance was moving, romance was my ride on my bike, romance was meeting new people,romance was travelling, This life itself is a romance.
So as I moved forward I reached an area called Jhunsi, I saw that college where I once went for MBA queries, it was same as was that time, and anyone with my type of view on life will still ignore it.
Then as I moved forward, I reached the Andawa Crossing now if I turn left side I will travel through the IFFCO office in Phulpur and reach the city of Jaunpur and in between there is a new Bypass through which I can reach Handia but I decided to go through the old road, so I go straight.
For your information:- Handia is a small town in between Allahabad and Varanasi.
Then as I went through Andhawa, I saw the Hrishaba Deva Mandir a big Temple placed with the statue of one deva on the top.
Its about 11yrs ago I came here with my parents while it was still under construction. that time there was nothing there not a single Dhaba except a small tea stall with a few cold drinks and a 14inch television.but now, just opposit to it is a big Petrol pump, two dhabas and many motor repairing shops for those unfortunates whose bikes were not blessed by 'Hrishaba deva' and got punctured in the way.
After that I moved on and reached a village Sarai Inayat with no sarai(Resting place) but a school. Then i reach the famous Hanumanganj famous because it has the worst road in the whole journey in this route. As I went through this road another old incidence erupted in my mind. When I was in college once I went to gave the UPTU exam in a place called Jhalwa having exactly the same road, my friend who was sitting on the back got very angry as his pen was falling from his pocket after a fixed intervel of 15 minutes,and when it fell for the third time he said angrily "I think I will not qualify this paper the pen keeps slipping down." when the result were declared I got Rank 1999 and he got around 5000.
So as I crosed that road I moved towards Saidabad and after that nice road awaits me, and soon I reached at a speed of 70KMPH.
And after few minutes I reached Handia and then the school where I must shed my old memories, because in those days I was an avarage student and a very shy one, who did not able to speak infront of more than two people, here I have to teach the class of 50 students and so, I came back to my present condition, leaving the past memories but not before promising it that I will meet him again after the shool was over and i was on my return journey towards home on my bike.


  1. very well written! I liked the travel to the old days.. It is a bless to have a beautiful past..

    Sometimes when i go to my native place i also love to travel to my olds days!!

    good writing keep it up!!

  2. In our every journey....whether short or long.... we came across many interesting things and people which makes a permanent mark in our life....
    And also sometimes make us visit our past....and remember those beautiful....or not so beautiful.... days which has gone by with the wings of time......