Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Script Of My Death

As I was crossing the street, suddenly something hit me, and I fell down on the road. For a second I didnot realised anything, then, I feel the road with my hands as I tried to move my legs, I feel something was obstructing me from stretching my legs, then I saw the divider in between the roads, as I turned my eyes on the right side I saw many shoes coming towards me and surrounded me. Then I heard a few murmers, slowly it became clearer and clearer, "Sirji, Sirji". Someone was calling, I felt a hand was running on my hair, then slowly, I tried to move, I recognised the face of the owner of that hand, it was the driver of my school jeep. I saw a few school uniforms behind him.
Then I sat on the road and started surveying everything.
I was hit by a car 'Maruti Suzuki' the other teacher who came along with me was quarrelling with the car owner, who was coming from the wrong side of the road, few others also joined him.
Then as I started to understood the situation I saw my students were looking at me with thousand questions in their eyes, but tjhe expression was different from the classroom atmosphere ones. Then I feel my right hand with the left one a severe pain runs through my body as I delt the peeled off skin of my hand, as I moved my legs I realised that it was moving easily but with some pain, I guessed that my knees must have been peeled off too, then I remembered that when I moved my legs earlier it didn't move dreely because the tyre of the car was kissing it.
Then as I stood up holding the hand of the driver I felt a sharp pain in my right leg' as I undid my shoe lace and removed my socks the mark of the MRF nylogrip was clearly visible just above my swollen ankle.
"It must have been broken". said one.
"You must take him to hospital". Said another.
"No"I said"I want to go home".
Then the driver of my school jeep decided that he will take me to Allahabad and so he along with the other sir helped me to get into the jeep. Second time in my whole life I sat on a jeep. The dirst time when I sat on ajeep was few weeks ago on my school jeep, I felt like I'm some Big government official, but today I am feeling that I am a dacoit injured and fleeing from the scene.
As I was comming I started my favorite hobby- Thinking. I thinked- What if I die, What if there is an internal injury, because all seems right from the external. People sometime dont realise about these injuries and it sometimes gives the biggest blows.
The jeep was moving and I was watching all the familiar things and I thought that when in the morning I was coming I didn't realised that this will happen to me.
Soon I reached near a school in 'Sarai Inayat'area where few school girls always wait for jeeps. I saw they were waiving to this jeep just as it crossed them and I thought perhaps this is the last time I'm seeing them waiting.
As I reached 'Andhawa' and was going from infront of giant statue of 'Hrishaba Deva' I deel that the statue was slightly tilted- may be he curiously wanted to know who was lying in the jeep.
Rapidly we reached 'Jhunsi' and I remembered someone whom I have never dorget all these years in somewhere deep in myself. may be you all watched the new Airtel Digital TV addvertisement where an actor departs from a girl during their childhood. Its like that.
She lived in Jhunsi and leaved in the year 1996, I never think about her during my daily journey in this route but today I just went to the past.
So, I reached the Shastri Bridge, Daily when I reach here I close my eyes dor dew seconds to pray to god, even when I am on my bile. But today I dared not, deep inside I feel if I close my eyes I may never open it again.
Then I reached Allahabad.

So, I didn't die. I am writing my blog once again. No fractures nothing. Just a twisted ankle.
I am here again. But really what a near death experience.
Soon I am going to write more and more of travelogues.

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  1. Oh God!! That was indeed an experience... GOD Bless you!!