Thursday, October 1, 2009


In the great epic 'Mahabharata' there is a place called Lakshagriha. I'm not going deep into the epic, but just going to tell you about the episode.

Pandavas were staying in a place (five brothers, wife Draupadi and mother Kunti)which was made of Lac in order to kill the Pandavas by the Kaurava's. When at night the plan was executed and the building was burned it burned feircly courtsy the Lac, all believed that the Pandavas were finished. But no, they escaped from there drom the backside of that place before the fire, and seven other peoples body was kept there and all thought that Pandavas were dead.

29TH Sept 2009 :- Yesterday was dussera today I was again on my bike going to Handia in my school.

As, I reached my school I saw the gate was locked ! I took my mobile and called the principal and enquired, he told that on the request of the parents of majority of students the school has been closed for today also and will reopen tomorrow.

So now what?

I came 37KM wasting my petrol? No!

I heard about a place called Lakshagriha since many years, and I knew its not too far from Handia.

I started my bike and when I reached Handia bus stand, I turned Left and started the journey.

After riding for 2KM I asked one person about lakshagriha. He told me to turn about half kilometre and I will find a crossroad and I would have to take the left side and will reach there.

When I reached the crossroad I enquired again, I was going perfect. The name of the village where the crossroad was situated is 'Basupur'.The man whom I enquired told me that I've to go about 6KM inside. I thanked him and continued.

The road was good.Jst as I entered about 300metres or so , something in between the bushes tried to cross the road and seeing me coming stopped I slowed my bike and was surprised to see a full grown yellow bodied,with black spot HYENA !!

Never in my life I saw Hyena from so close in broad daylight. About 16-17Years ago I saw it but at around 11PM.

Soon, I reached a village called 'Jagua Sodha'and enquired again-"this road will lead to Lakdhagriha Sir." said one"thenThere is the river ganga and the roar will be finished."

Then after dew minuted I found the road was broken, rather no road was there as the construction was going on for a road.I saw a few houses and asked where is lakshagriha.

"This is Lakshagriha Sir."I was astonished- The name of this village is Lakshagriha!!

I further asked him- "I heard that some Mahabharata era site are situated here like lac mahal?"

"Yes, its here only!!"He continued" many new temples are also here."

I parked my Bike infront of a temple. "Which temple is this?"

"It is the Mahamrityunjay Temple. one of the Pandava Bhima worshipped here."

I went to the temple which had a big Shivalinga few metres away I can see the Ganga.

"If you wish to take the tour of this area I'm going to call a boy."Then he called a boy aged around20-22yrs who was working on the construction site. He along with me and another boy started the journey.

First through a slope we reach close to ganga. From there I could see a tomb above a small Hill.

Then we were reaching on the top of the hill. the hill was straight and we all had to use our hands many a times to control the balence else we all might fall. When we reached the top of the hill I saw the place- The LAKSHAGRIHA !!

It has few caves, I went inside it. It was made of stone. It is this place where the Pandavas were thought to be burned. They painted the walls with the Lac I presume and then burned it. Now the Stone building is left. I saw a well which must have been used for drinking purpose. I saw the a hole in the back of the cave drom where the Pandavas were fled. I can see the Ganges from the hole.

Although we all were panting and prespiring because of the height we covered, but still was enjoying each moment of meeting with a part of thousands of year old epic - The Mahabharata.

Then I saw a few new Temples and a 'Yagna Sthal' where some saint come adter every five years to perform 'Yagna'.

And then we came down from that straight hill very cautiously but still with great speed as I feel the force of gravity. Then we came down and reach the spot where my bike was parked.

I said thanks to them and they parted saying 'namaste' to me.

Then I met with that man who introduced me to those two boys, had tea from his tea stall near the Mrityunjay Temple had some chat with him.
Then I left promising my new friend that I will again visit this place during this Diwali.


  1. the day turned pretty good thanks to school closing..however, wud love to see some pics..please share the visual treat with us also.

  2. Amazing post!! They closed the school only for you.. would love to see some pictures!!!

  3. Thanks to God that the school was closed,& you got the opportunity to get to see that historic place. Was also seem very adventurous, specially the hyena. It would be nice to see some pictures or videos of that place.