Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Delhi

"Rohit what happend? Rohit! Why are you shouting?" Hearing this one sided conversation I opened my eyes, and inspected my surrounding.
The train was moving, OK, I was on the upper berth Ok. Then I realised the girl sleeping on the berth opposite to me was talking in her sleep! Rohit- her little brother was deep asleep in the lower berth along with his mother who was now pushing her daughter and saying"Ria,Ria what happened?"
Nothing much happened! Only my sleep vanished and the dream I was having evaporated.
Its Prayagraj Express once again, Yes, Yes its New Delhi trip one again this time for DSSB exam for Data Entry Operator.
The train reached Delhi about Half an hour late.
So, I had to break my fast really very fast and then took an auto and reached to the centre which was Sarvodaya Vidyalaya near Delhi University Metro Station.
The paper was easy and I hope I may get selected, lets see.
During the lunch time I came out and found not a single resturant or Dhaba near, only a small vendor near metro station selling Pizza burger and hot dogs. I preffered burger and coffee.
On the first hungry bite on the burger I realised it was stale ! But I bite again to confirm Yuck!!
then I had the coffee only.
It was around 5:30 in the evening when the exam was finished. I came out and took an auto now I understood the winter of Delhi. That day was the coldest day of the year in Delhi and I was shivering though I had all my armours.
As I reached near the Sheila Theatre in Paharganj I came out of the auto and started walking towards the station, now before having a nice hot meal.
Then I went into the station and observed the peoples there as it was only 6:30PM and the train was at 9:25PM. This time I had the reservation ticket.
I saw 2 Australian tourist walking and were baffled to see the tsunami of people in the station soon the met an American and one of them went to him and asked about some place(most probably the Enquiry Counter) and they all walked together.
I saw the weight machine and had my weight which I'm not going to print here as I myself was shocked to see 73KG printed on it..................... OH I TOLD YOU ALL !!
Then the train arrived and I went into it again the Upper berth! But nothing special happend this time except for the boy sleeping on the opposite berth continuously talking on his mobile phone till midnight which angered me as I wanted to have a nice sleep after the whole day of hectic schedule but I controlled myself and tried to sleep. Soon I was in deep sleep.

"Are you gone mad?"
I opened my eyes.
"You are a fool."
I looked on my left side.
"Don't stare at me."
Oh God!! That boy who was talking on his mobile was now talking in his dreams!
Wow ! The journey started with a girl talking in her sleep and its coming towars an end also with a slee talker.
Really amazing!!

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of the peoples who lost their lives in the train accidents on 2nd January in Uttar Pradesh involving the Prayagraj Express, Licchwi Express etc.

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