Friday, May 28, 2010


Hola ! Como esta? (spanish meaning Hello! How are you?).

There comes a phase in most of the people's life when he/she has to take a pause and need to think where his/her life is driving/diving towards.

For the past few weeks, I'm going through that phase.

A few weeks ago I suddenly realised I'm going to complete 28 years of my life this December.

There are many significance of the number 28. The calender(Gregorian Calender) follows a 28 yrs cycle which simply means that a calender 28yrs ago ftom this year will be same. Example 1982's calender will be same as 2010.

In astrology, by deriving from the 28 year cycle of the planet Saturn's revolution around the sun the 28th year is supposed to mark significant turning points in the course of a person's development in life.

Regarding to the first paragraph taking a pause doen't means sitting idle. It means to gain more knowledge and power and in between think about your faults and try to temove it.

I know my biggest shortcoming is I can get angry very easily and I am trying to remove it. I am also trying to learn a new language- Spanish.

Hope when this phase gets over I may come out as a changed man with no more temper; with the knowledge of 4 languages: English, Hindi, Bengali and Spanish.And I may become a good human being. And ofcourse a good teacher for my loving students.

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