Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Interesting Meeting

'A traveller will always find something related to travel even if he is not travelling.'

This is what happened to me even when I was not travelling rather was just going to my school and my blog was also lying hopelessly since 28th May.
Its an intersting encounter and so I would like to share it with you all, hope you all may also love it ; And PLEEEEASE do comment.

A few days ago when I was comming back from my school, I saw a man aged around 65years cycling on the NH2. The thing which attracted me was a plate attached on the back of his cycle which reads "Char Dham Yatra." (meaning on way to char dham).Char Dham are the four sacred places of Hindu; They are Badrinath, Rameshwaram, Dwarka and Puri.

I stopped infront of him and say namaste to him. He also replied and then stopped the cycle. He was more older than I imagined.
"Are you heading towards Badrinath?"I asked.
"Yes !" He replied.
"On cycle?"
"Yes on cycle, as it was my desire to visit the four dham but the trains are a complicated things.
Throughout my life I lived in my village and move from here and there on this cycle alone. Now as my end is near I must visit to this holy places and get 'mukti' from this life."

The talking was going on infront of a tea stall, so I brought tea and some biscuits for both of us. We sat on the bench of the stall and continued with our conversations.

"So... Cycling would be so troublesome?" I said. "Its not just a few miles its four corners of our motherland? And it may took a year or more perhaps?"

"Yes ! I know it son." He then sipped the tea and dipped the biscuit in the tea. Then continued. "But for me there is now no boundation. Throughout my life I read Holy books like Ramayana, Purana etc. heard many tales of greatness of our gods and came to know many things about our religion. Then I get married and have four children, three sons and a daughter. my daughter gets married, all the sons are now happily married and has thier children. I have divided my farmland among them, they are good farmers, better than me, and will live a happy life. My wife died a few years back. I think I have completed all my worldly ties successfully. So now I decided I must took my cycle, and proceed towards the journey; I stop during night time in any village. I put this plate on the cycle so that people should know where I am heading. In railways I have to stand in queue for tickets, and then so much crowd ,fear of luggages being robbed. Changing of trains and so many procedures."

He stopped and finished his tea and biscuits.

"O.K. ! Son, I must now proceed." He said.
"O.K. ! Hope your yatra be a successfull one !" I said.
"Thank You ! Jai Shree Ram."
"Jai Shree Ram."

He then sat on his cycle and started moving again.

I saw him and then I sat on my bike and came back to my home; But the thoughts were moving inside my head. What an amazing person I met !

When now we see so many people publicly displaying there works, trying to sponser there travel of India on cycles or bikes taking out posters or banners for help. There are these types of people also who, without any expectations just simply moves on.
I have met a man, but there may be many more like this in our country. Hats off for them !
I hope to meet him again.


  1. That was simply amazing.. You are lucky to meet him..

  2. There are many people in this world who do this type of tour, some for adventure, some for pilgrimage and some for fulfill their dreams.