Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Something To Mention

This happens to me many times in recent months, that I took the pen and then I think and think but nothing comes to my mind and so, pages remains empty.

Though many things have happened around me, I went to the top of a hill  on bike, I crossed the state border on my bike, become the most favourite teacher of my students, cried as my first batch of students passed and left the school for higher studies, shifted to our own house.

Along with all these, hated by my colleagues, my friends don't come to my house as its on different route (though near), become very ill a few months ago.

So much but but still how to collect all these on pages is still a mystery.

And so my blog too is empty since last year.

But today I thought and decided to write something and so here I am connecting to my blog after many months.

Life will always give you surprises, some situation arises sometime which you have never thought off. I too get surprises, but surprises gets more exciting and amazing when you yourself give your life some surprises. This happens when you accomplish something which no one not even you have thought off.
And for that reason I use to travel, as In travelling you can find a million new experiences.

Roads leads us to many things. I have seen 'NeelGaai', hyenas and snakes moving through the roads.
A group of 'Neelgaai' tried to attack me when I was trying to take their pictures.
I went to see historical sites lying in bad condition only few Kilometres outside of our city.
Went to the state of Madhya Pradesh on my bike and came back safely with so many new stories.

Now as I am writing I am feeling excited and its the same type of excitement which I felt when I started this blog. So I have decided that I will post two new stories next month.

                        Hope I succeed...................


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